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V.O. Chlorella


100% USDA Organic Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.  This Chlorella is packed with an impressive spectrum of bio-available nutrients. It is the most potent, pure, and safe Chlorella that the market has to offer.  Check out for yourself  why we and many others live on V.O. Chlorella.

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Clearlight Infrared Sauna

Clearlight Infrared Saunas

Clearlight Infrared Saunas, by Sauna Works, has impressed us with top technology and body healing capabilities.  Not  just thrown together for mass-market production, these saunas are intelligently crafted, made of choice and intentional materials right here in the USA

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Growing Naturals Protein Powders

Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein Isolate, 24g Vegan Protein per Serving…….

GN has the Only Authentically Raw Pea Protein., packed with Lysine & Arginine

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Growing Naturals

Green Star Elite

Tribest Green Star machines reputably are one of the world’s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. By adding a third stage to the juicing process, Green Star Elite is the world’s only ……


Green Star Juicers Z-Star Manual Juicer

Z-STAR Manual Juicing

Unique single-auger juicer design uses an extremely gentle and efficient process to extract more high quality juice from all of your favorite fruits and vegetables without electrical power.

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Freshlife Sprouter

Freshlife Automatic Sprouters

The Freshlife Automatic Sprouter delivers a continuous supply of fresh water and air to provide a simple, convenient way to grow fresh, tender and natural live sprouts in the convenience of your own home.


Actively  sourcing out more of the “good stuff.”  

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We are the  direct importers of  our Chlorella.  This means direct savings passed on to you.  We are also proud Authorized Dealers for:  Clearlight Saunas;  the unrivaled Green Star juicers; Growing Naturals protein powders; Freshlife Automatic Sprouters;  Z-Star manual juicer; and more………..


Chlorella Quality Assurance

Vital Origin where wellness begins.  Your source for the most premium in Medicinal Foods. And life-style products.  We take a no-nonsense approach to your health and well-being.

We will never offer promises in a bottle.  We don’t have to.  Our nutrient-dense foods and equipment are tried, tested and proven to effect positive change.  Our products speak for themselves via our loyal customer following.   All V.O. Chlorella products are 100% USDA Organic broken-cell-wall via Pressure-Release® technology - the most superior method of cell-wall cracking.  Our Chlorella is always batch tested;  if it doesn’t  pass we won’t sell it.  Rest assure knowing that V.O. Chlorella is a MERCURY, CADMIUM, DDT, & Radiation free product.

We look not to sell you, but rather invite you to take interest in yourself, by building from the inside-out.  We have spent countless hours and resources to locate top tier, consumer safe, product/s so that you make the right choice the first time.

FREE Shipping on US orders of $99 or more

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